Online School is an opportunity for students of 2-9 grades to receive a state–issued school certificate from anywhere in Russia.

Certification – obtaining an official Russian certificate of education.
Full-time and part-time training in mini-groups, 5-6 hours of classes per week.
Individual full-time and distance learning.
Online Khoroschool is suitable for:
  • those who are not in Russia but want to continue to receive a Russian education;
  • home-schooled children;
  • children from the regions of Russia who want to study according to modern methods from the experts of the Khoroschool following an individual plan.
  • Each student will receive a state-approved certificate issued by the Khoroschool.
Advantages of Online Khoroschool
Time management
А child, regardless of age, will learn to organise their schedule and plan their free time.
You can choose the most convenient pace of mastering the material, the time of classes with individual training, as well as determine your academic path.
A child can study from anywhere in the world without attending school premises – an ideal option for people who live abroad and want to combine education in two schools or move frequently.
Khorogarten is a unique space for children from 3 to 7 years old, in which the child develops, engages in creative activities and physical culture.
  • Bilingual group. Thanks to the British state preschool education programme Early Years Foundation Stage, the child is immersed in the English language environment throughout the day.
  • The building has its own kitchen and a cafe. The children's diet includes dishes from a balanced menu that takes into account recommendations and personal dietary restrictions.
  • There is a Khoropark on the territory of the kindergarten, where walks and picnics take place.
  • A security service works around the clock in the kindergarten building and on the territory of the Khoropark, all checkpoint activities are carried out and video surveillance is conducted.
The primary school program is designed for 4 years of study: grades 1-4. The gymnasium is located in a new modern building opened in 2022.
  • Full-time school: the first part is assigned to the compulsory school curriculum. The second is variable - it includes extracurricular activities and additional classes.
  • According to the programme, 5 hours are dedicated to learning English language, two of which are conducted by a native speaker.
  • The infrastructure of the gymnasium includes various laboratories – natural sciences, robotics, art sciences, pottery workshop and the Temple of Sciences.
  • Each child is provided with speech therapy and psychological support, including sensory integration.
  • Primary school students have four meals a day: a high-quality and balanced menu, considering personal food restrictions. There is a second breakfast for first grade students.
  • The security service works around the clock in the building of the gymnasium and on its territory, all checkpoint activities are carried out and video surveillance is conducted.
Children of grades 5-11 study at the Gymnasium.
  • Full–time school: the first half includes general education subjects, the second is for personalised slots: consultations with teachers, elective courses, additional education, project, and research work, and more.
  • Gymnasium students have four meals a day: a high-quality and balanced menu, considering personal food restrictions.
  • The educational process is aimed at the development of personal potential. Every high school student has the opportunity to build an individual educational pathway so that it takes into account the peculiarities of their personality and development needs.
  • In June 2019, the Khoroschool received the official status of an International School of International Baccalaureate.
In June 2019, the Khoroschool received the official status of an International School of International Baccalaureate. Starting September 2019, the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate IB DP has been implemented.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a two–year international educational program that allows you to enroll in foreign universities, often without having to take additional exams.
Everything for personal development
Khoroschool children develop critical and systemic thinking, emotional intelligence, form information literacy and design thinking.
By providing communication and cooperation, we enable our students to adapt quickly in a rapidly changing world.

Education at the School is conducted using the resources of the School Digital Platform – a unique tool for visualising and analysing a large amount of data on personal development of a student.

The gymnasium has technically equipped classrooms, there are an experimentarium and a planetarium, a megalaboratory of natural sciences, art workshops.
About the education system
  • Training schedule
    Training lasts 10 months (from September to June inclusive). Preschoolers study in modules that consist of 10 weeks: 8 academic and 2 holiday.
  • Assessment system
    There are no traditional marks in the Khoroschool. The mastering of the material is evaluated according to a level system from 2.0 (the level is mastered, the simplest understanding) to 4.0 (in-depth study with project and research activities).
  • Personalised model
    Each Khoroschool student has their own individual training plan that meets their requirements, desires and level. In addition, everyone has a variable free afternoon and the possibility of specialised training.
  • Variable afternoon
    After the main lessons' students begin an absolutely individual learning trajectory: elective courses, additional education, self-training, tutorials, support, clubs of choice and more.
A unique digital environment has been created in Khoroschool.

The digital platform is an important personalization tool. The training is conducted using tablets and laptops.

There is a Khoroschool application for parents, with which you can quickly find out all the information, as well as pay for tuition.
Additional education
Now more than 50 clubs and studios have been implemented in Khoroschool: sports, creative, musical, culinary, art workshops.

Classes are conducted in small groups of students by the best teachers in Moscow. We strive to maintain a personalised approach to each child.

Our Center for Additional Education is open to everyone. These classes can be attended by children who are not Khoroschool students.
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