Даниэль Гомес Камара

Учитель испанского и английского языков

University of La Rioja, Degree in Chemistry. MBA by UNED and Master in Quality by AED
TESOL (English) by Arizona State University, Spanish Teacher by Cervantes Institute

Опыт работы:
2022-2023: English teacher at Discovery.
2020-2022: Spanish teacher at Vivaling
2019-2023: private Spanish and English teacher;
2015-2019: Language counsellor at GLS summer camp.

Личные заслуги:
DELE examiner, Vivaling award 2022 for "Engaging learners through authentic and communicative activities". Spanish voice and editor of Spanish Vivaling Podcast. Spanish book corrector.

Хобби и увлечения:
Sport, sport... SPORT!!! swimming, kayaking, running, football, tennis, cross country skiing, volleyball, snowboarding.